About Us

Victorious Attitudes for Everyday Life, Inc. (VAEL) was founded in May 2006 by A. Cinnamon Brown. VAEL is an educational non-profit organization that specializes in human development. Our mission is to educate, empower, and enrich the lives of children, youth and adults through high quality educational programs; innovative workshops; exhilarating experiences and sound resources.

VAEL strives to inspire individuals to develop a love for self-exploration, acceptance, appreciation and learning. We believe that possessing a positive self-image, esteem and attitude play essential roles in the development of character; self discipline and advocacy; successful relationships, higher academic learning, career advancement; community involvement; and a healthy and prosperous life style for individuals. VAEL also understands that people will endure many trials and tribulations throughout life; but one has a choice as to how they are to emerge, as a victim or victorious. Thus, our philosophy instills renewing the mind daily by focusing one’s thoughts upon those things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, good, virtuous and worthy of praise- Phil 4:8.

Since our inception, VAEL has trained over 2,500 children & youths (ages 5 to 20 years); 5000 Parents and Educators; Professionals, and 210 adults. We have partnered with numerous organizations, schools, churches, and city agencies focusing on 4 areas of competencies.

Our Focus:

    •   Youth development
    •   Personal development (intrapersonal & interpersonal)
    •   Professional development
  •   Social development