Children and Youth Training

VAEL offers fun, inventive, content rich programs and workshops for children and youth ages 5 to 20.  Our exhilarating workshops are youth driven and provide the participants with hands on activities and resources to support their development and capacitates needed to thrive as healthy, happy successful children and youth. The programs and workshops are designed to fully engage the participants through the incorporation of the four basic learning modalities (visual, auditory, kinetics and tactile) which includes: lecture, group discussions (small and large), multi-media usage (power point, photos, video, music, etc.) and small projects.

Listed below are the following programs and workshops:

 Image Is Everything ©2006  customized program that is comprised of a over 36 sessions designed to provide youth with innovative hands-on activities that teaches basic life skills, tools and resources to help them develop a more positive holistic self-image, esteem and interpersonal skills. This program also may include field trips (i.e. Fine Dining; Overnight Camping etc…); plus activities such as horseback riding, Tai Chi, Ballroom/Hand Dancing etc…

School, Work & Beyond training provides high schools students and young adults with the intrapersonal and interpersonal skills needed to become successful, self-sufficient contributing members of society. Participants identify their personality preferences, strengths, communication & learning styles, team building and leadership skills, ideal for mapping their (academic, professional and personal) road to success. Participants also learn proper etiquette and protocols that will aid in their transitioning into college, trade school and/or the work force.

Pre-Prom Boot Camp is a comprehensive training designed to prepare high school students for the Ultimate Prom Experience. Juniors and seniors will learn tips for setting a prom budget; the latest fashion trends; the art of dressing their body types; basics of glamour application; dating and dining etiquette; and the importance of making healthy choices to assist them with enjoying one of the most memorable evenings of their youth life.

Know Your Worth! Make Healthy Choices training assist youth in identifying and increasing their self-worth; while providing them with sex education, promoting abstinence, teen pregnancy prevention, Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV prevention.

Maturing with Grace is a collection of workshops that teaches youth social etiquette and protocols necessary for navigation through life with integrity and poise. The workshops include: Everyday Manners; Out and About (Public Place and Transportation), School and Work; Dining (Formal & Informal); Social Life and Dating; and Communication and Technology Etiquette.

Personality Assessments: Murphy-Meisgeier Type Indicator for Children (MMTIC®) is the best-known and most trusted personality/psychological assessment tool available today for children. MMTIC®  helps children (elementary to high school) identify their psychological type preferences; and is a tremendous asset to self-understanding, better learning, and healthy relationships.

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