Greetings from the Founder/CEO

Great Day! And Welcome to Victorious Attitudes for Everyday Life, Inc. (VAEL) website.

VAEL is a vision and charge given unto me to SERVE people. As an Author, National/ International motivational speaker and humanitarian, I serve as a spring board that catapults people to the next level of living their everyday life with greatness. As humans, we all long to live happy, peaceful, healthy and prosperous lives. We desire a balanced life (personally, professionally and socially) and the ability to fluently mobilize our talents that contributes to the vitality of our community. Unfortunately, life is not perfect and we are continuously faced with challenges that can alter our views.  Although, we cannot always determine the outcome of life situations, we can control our attitudes.  For the battle is first won in the mind. It all starts with the renewing of our minds daily; meditating upon those things that are positive.

Thus, VAEL was created as a safe haven where people are encouraged to seek and pursue their life’s purpose. VAEL equips our clients with researched based information, tools, experiences and resources that lends to the love of self-exploration, acceptance, appreciation, and elevation. As one’s personal cheering squad, VAEL believes that we are all marvelous beings, fearfully and wonderfully created. Each one of us possess unique gifts, skills and talents that are perfectly orchestrated to help us fulfill our life’s purpose and to live our best lives now.

Dream Big! Work Hard! And Love Great!

Cinnamon Brown Mack