Professional Development Training

VAEL offers innovative and exhilarating workshops for professionals. Each workshop is designed to provide our participants with cutting edge research, strategies, techniques and resources to assist and support them as they lead healthier, happier, successful professional.

Don’t Burnout, Ignite!
(How to Prevent and Deal with Burnout) workshop provides participants with tips and strategies on how to identify signs, symptoms, causes of burnout and develop coping strategies to deal with stressors on the job and at home.

To Know Me is To Love Me (Understanding the Essence of One’s Soul). This training helps participants gain greater self- awareness, self and classroom management, effective communication and team development skills needed for creating an optimum learning and work environment. Participants will be introduced to the various essential components that make up one’s (self and youth) inner workings known as the soul (mind) which includes: learning styles, personality preferences, love languages, character, and multiple intelligences. Staff will also identify tools and resources needed to sharpen their observation skills and better assist them in fostering their youth’s love for learning while supporting their academic success, development of healthy relationships, self-image, esteem and attitude.

You, Me and We (Cultivating Personal Relationships and Collaborative Partnerships)  is a three part training series designed to serve as a catalyst that cultivates personal relationships, collaborative partnerships, and an all family-school-community inclusive environment. The series will consist of a 90 minute parent workshop, 2-hour professional development training, and a 1-hour parent/teacher meet and greet. The parent workshop is designed to educate participants on the importance of their role and partnership with the school in developing their children’s academic success. The professional development training is designed to support the school personnel as they effectively leverage parent partnership to improve student achievement (academically, socially and emotionally); by creating a welcoming environment, building personal relationships and the implementation of a parent engagement plan.

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